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The Mountain View-Los Altos High School Foundation invests in a learning environment that empowers all students to thrive and succeed.


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We are excited to report another year of record fundraising! Thank you for your continued investment in educational opportunities for our students.

Four years ago the Foundation decided to explore ways to foster innovation in the classroom. Innovation is a word often heard in Silicon Valley, but what does it really mean in education? Read more in our letter.

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Thank you to the families, community members, realtors and alumni for getting us to our goal of




Together, we achieved a record fundraising year making our students the ultimate winners!



Reduces class sizes for freshman English and math to allow for more teacher attention to the individualized needs of the student.

Class Size Reduction

Offers free one-on-one academic assistance to students needing 

occasional or year-long extra help in a variety of subject areas.

Tutorial Center

Provides all students access to technology with the option to check out a Chromebook.


Gives students a place to study, research and collaborate after school.

Extended Library


Funds an additional CHAC Counselor at each school to help students thrive during the challenges of their high school years.

Student Wellness

College & Career Center

Provides resources and counseling to students and their parents regarding summer programs, gap years, job and career options, college search, admissions, financial aid and scholarships.

Naviance Family 


Access to the Naviance Family Connection for students, parents and counselors. Provides online information and tools for aptitude assessment and and streamlines college searches/applications.

The Mountain View-Los Altos High School Foundation is proud to announce our grant for 2019-20!

2019-20 Grant

See our





Please see the Donation Levels below for our lists of donors.

$3,000 to $4,999

$5,000 or more

Leadership Circle


$5,000 or more


$2,999 to $4,999

High Honors

$2,000 to $2,999



$1,000 to $1,999


up to $999

up to $4,999

Community & Alumni

Thank You for a Record Corporate Matching Year!


Many companies have a matching program, so please help us by checking with your human resource department. If you have any questions about the matching process, please email us



Tribute gifts are a way to honor an inspirational teacher. These special people were recognized with

a special note and certificate as well as being acknowledged here.

“We all know that writing is important, but learning to write is hard. The goal of the Writing Center is to support our students as they grow as writers. It is a safe space where students can get support on their writing from peers who have been trained in how to give effective feedback. I’m grateful for the MVLA Foundation Innovative Learning Grant that made this resource possible."


- Caitlin Hannon, LAHS English Teacher and Writing Center Founder



Since 1995, the Foundations’ Honor Roll of Realtors program has brought real estate experts and philanthropy together in support of our public schools. This year they successfully raised over $127,000 for quality education in our eleven schools encompassing grades TK-12.

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These volunteers donate their time and expertise to help provide excellent public schools for all students in their community.



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