A Letter From MVLA Foundation President, Andrea Gray

Four years ago, the Foundation created the Innovative Learning Grants program to provide funding to teachers to explore ways to foster innovation in the classroom. We hear about innovation all the time in Silicon Valley, but what does it mean in education? 


MVLA Foundation Innovative Learning Grants create opportunities for students to increase their depth of knowledge such as:

  • Sharpening skills to improve written and oral communications through the Writing Center 

  • Experiencing rapid prototyping to bring virtual designs to life

  • Immersing students in culture with virtual experiences in language classes


MVLA Foundation Innovative Learning Grants also challenge students to think through real-world problems like:

  • Designing water filtration prototypes through the Global Watershed Project

  • Understanding global warming and its impact on coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef

  • Learning the effects of caffeine on the human nervous system

  • Extracting DNA to be sequenced and recorded in the Barcode of Life International Project, a genetic encyclopedia that catalogs the biodiversity of the earth


With your support in the coming year, the Foundation will continue to empower our teachers to use innovative teaching strategies and create a community where our students can thrive and succeed.


With gratitude,

Andrea Gray & the MVLA High School Foundation Board

P.S.  The slideshow below shows our Innovative Learning Grants in action.