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Corinne and Yan Arrouye * 

Elvira Iglesias and Juan Casares * ^

Ivy and Arthur Chang * 

Raechelle Wong and Eric Cheng * 

Jessica McDowell and John Clarke * 

Katie and Sam Cowley * 

Jessica and Grant Erickson * 

Nadine and Christopher George * 

Veronique Chopineaux and Frederic Gobry * 

Aparna Tripathi and Vipul Gupta * 

Jan Boon Foo and Lloyd Hsu * ^

Svetlana and Maxim Kelman * 

Lisa Burroughs Kim and Tie Kim * 

Tina and Erno Klaassen * 

Anne Marie and Eric Knopf * 

Amy and David Kopp 

Sudha Balasubrahmanyan and Satyavrath Krishnaswamy * 

Doris Wang and Hai Li * ^

Katherine and Charlie Lilygren * ^

Na Yang and Wei Liu * 

Sahana and Kiron Magal ^

Lilly Yi and Peter Martin * 

Frances and Rolf Mueller * 

Maureen and Liam O'Gorman * 

Mary and John Penix * ^

Susan and William Prescott * 

Yvonne Yung and Ming Pun * ^

Leslie and Chris Rabourn * 

Caroline and Alain Raynaud * 

Wendy Wilson and Peter Richardson *

Namita Sahai and Pankaj Rohatgi *  

Alexandra and Raphael Rousseau ^

Alice and Ron Sage * 

Ramona Grosse Santrac and Neven Santrac * 

Patrick Shaughnessy * 

Claudine and James Sheridan * 

Yinkwan Chen and Anthony Shortland * 

Lisa Egert-Smith and Brian Smith * 

Gina and Randy Thelen * 

Robert Upton * 

Jennifer and Chris Urmson 

Nina and Nicolas Vandeventer * 

Quan Zhou and Yingen Xiong * 

Ying Zhang and Shi Yan * 

Anita Leo and Gin Yee *  

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^ Families with graduating seniors who have donated 4 or more consecutive years.

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