A Letter From MVLA Foundation President, Alan Cyron

We believe there is no better investment than providing educational opportunities to our students, and we are excited to report another year of record fundraising.


There are three accomplishments we would like to highlight:

  • Mountain View High School’s Orchestra fused music and STEM by 3D-printing a set of string instruments and commissioning an original piece “Irish Junkyard Jam”, which had its worldwide debut in May. The MVLA Foundation’s Innovative Learning Grant program funded this and 35 other projects across all disciplines in 2017-18.

  • The Science departments took advantage of the real-life learning opportunity presented by the solar eclipse in 2017. The Foundation made a special grant to provide eclipse-viewing glasses so that all students and staff could share in the experience.

  • The AVID PEAK (Pathways, Exposure, Academic Connection, Knowledge) Program received the prestigious Hoffmann Award. Our grant funded this program to introduce AVID students, who are typically underrepresented, first-generation youth, to professional careers in business, technology, healthcare and more.


With your help in the coming year, the Foundation will empower our teachers to use innovative teaching strategies and continue to create a community where our students can thrive and succeed.


Thank you,

Alan Cyron

President, MVLA High School Foundation