High Honors
$2,000 - $2,999

Anonymous (8)

Stephanie and Stu Aaron  

Fariba Farniam and Bahram Afshari * 

Padma Ramaswamy and Shahid Ahmed * 

Angela and Scott Akiyama * 

Carol Nunnally and Matt Albright  

Angela Rumi and Eric Andrews * 

Nupur and John Andrews * 

Alix and Steve Apfelberg  

Laura Smoliar and Mark Arbore  

Corinne and Yan Arrouye * 

Linda Ashby  

Andrew Askren  

Deana and Russ Atassi  

Wen Gong and Vladimir Bacvanski * 

Lena Spasioti and Liam Balfe  

Christine Bauer  

Maryam Eshghipour and Arya Behzad  ^

Lisa and Cameron Brett  

Cynthia Gaertner-Bridges and Bruce Bridges * 

Jessie and Randy Cairns  

Hellen Pacheco and Rodrigo Carceroni * ^

Pam and Mike Carlton  

Valeria and Derrick Carty  

Diane and David Chang * 

Sandra Lee and John Chang  

Mei Huang and Ken Chang * 

Wendy Chu and Wayne Chang  

Shari and Kevin Chao * ^

Meifeng Liu and Chiencheng Chen * 

Melissa Frank and Tak Cheng * 

Linda and Stan Chin * 

Sharon and Kevin Cimring  

Lisa and Douglas Clark  

Jessica McDowell and John Clarke * 

Susan and Keith Cook  

Yvonne and Daniel Cornell  

Katie and Sam Cowley * 

Maribeth and Joe Coyne  

Tina and Paul Cross * ^

Audrey and Matt Crowley * 

Jill and John Curcio  

Katherine and Jim Cushing * ^

Anthony Custodio * 

Clare and Mark Delaney  ^

Rasha and Amr Dessouki  

Judy Glazer and Brian Donahue  ^

Ahladhini Rao and Pankaj Dugar * 

Wendy Tanabe and Michael Easley * 

Karen and Stephan Eberle  ^

Erin and Keith Eggleton  ^

Tila and Jean-Jacques Enser

Kimberly and William Evans * 

Jennifer Gilbert and Rob Fagen * 

Alexandra and William Fairey  

Toby Emerson and Erik Feldman  

Karen Melchior and Fred Fisher * ^

Betsy and John Fitch * 

Sherri Flynn  

Noirin and Patrick Foy * 

Yuhong Huang and Eric Frick * 

Ann Machilsen and Stefan Geldmeyer  

Nadine and Christopher George  ^

Orchid and Bob Ghaffari * ^

Lisa Giannini and Simon Patience  

Veronique Chopineaux and Frederic Gobry * 

Anita Rao and Sanjay Gongalore * 

Anne Wiley and Gordon Good * 

Tracy and David Greene  

Wenqing Yang and Weiqing Guo * 

Kammy Lo and Kowsik Guruswamy  

Elizabeth and Simon Harnett * 

Debby Haslem  

Hilary Teplitz and Timothy Heckman * 

Karen and Ross Heitkamp  ^

Suzy and John Heltzel  ^

Melinda and Greg Heppberger * 

Maureen and Joe Hernon  

Mrinalini Sharma and Pushkar Hingwe  

Patra Chiamvimonvat and Jackson Ho * 

Mei Szeto and Frank Ho  ^

Misa Sugiura and Tad Hofmeister * 

Emily Park and Peter Holst  

Eunyoung Kang and Kyoungsun Hong  ^

Joyce Li and Winston Huang  

Sudnya Shroff and Nickhil Jakatdar  

Roxanne and Dan Janson * ^

Dianne Edmonds and David Jaques  ^

Suzanne and Richard Jensen  ^

Jie Zhang and Tao Jiang * 

Melinda and David Joffe  ^

Amy and Alex Johnson  ^

Jennifer and Darren Jones  

Tracey Barrett and Bradley Kancigor  

Annie Hung and Sam Kao  ^

Yael and David Karchmer  

Lisa and Ross Katchman * 

Erica Fono and Morry Katz * 

Wendy and Randall Kenyon  ^

Vani Khanderia * 

Cleopatra Kiros  

Tina and Erno Klaassen * 

Debbie and Douglas Kundrat  

Cuby Ng and Ed Kwan * 

Maija and Risto Lahdesmaki  

Louise Tsoi and Wilfred Lam  

Leah and Roy Lambertson  

Hui and Ken Lancaster * 

Beth Van Schaack and Brent Lang  

Stephen Larson  

Paula and Lilip Lau  ^

Helen Yau and Spencer Lau  

Nhu and Hung Le  

Kristie and Aaron Ledbetter * 

Anna and Kevin Lee * ^

Olivia Tam and Stephen Leung * ^

Beth and Karl Levy * 

Doris Wang and Hai Li * 

Henry Li * 

Joy Li  ^

Kathy Gu and Qiang Li  

Joyce Lim and Qing Li * 

Ping He and Rui Li  

Junfang Zhu and Shaohong Li * 

Ann and Miles Libbey * 

Jill and Brian Lillie  ^

Trina Grube-Liu and Mark Liu  

Na Yang and Wei Liu * 

Tong and Xinggang Liu * 

Lianne and Will Luxton * 

Judith Bergwerk and Douglas MacLeod * 

Sandra and John Mahlmeister  

Kristin Major  

Miro Majorek  

Lilly Yi and Peter Martin * 

Ciska and Stephan Massalt  

Heidi and Robert Menard  ^

Christine & Noah Mesel  

Nancy Strom and Gavin Miller * 

Margot and Don Miller * 

Lianne and David Mintz  

Patricia and Claus Moldt * 

Karen and Anthony Moor * ^

Anita Rosen and Albert Moser  

Junne and Tony Moy * 

Laura and Todd Mozer  ^

Julie Baher and Robert Murphy * ^

Shobha and Bala Nagesh * ^

Cynthia and Richard Nakano  

Nasim and Siamak Nazari * 

Karen and Elliott Ng * 

Michelle and Ed Nieda * 

Laura and Craig Norris * 

Jessica and Jonathan Norris  

Jared Oberhaus * 

Jennifer Martin and Daryl Odnert * 

Erin and Michael Olsen  

Carol and Steve Olson  

Irene Suzuki and Scott Ottoes * 

Kuniko and Gary Ozawa  

Negin Lotfi and Farhad Pakravan  

Nancy and Anilkumar Pannikkat * 

Liz Pidto and John Parker  

Elizabeth and David Parry  ^

Satyavanti and Rajiv Patel  

Mary and John Penix * 

Puon Penn  ^

Gail and Scott Pinkner  

Cheryl and Kevin Quinn  

Michelle and Martin Rahn  

Celeste and James Randolph  ^

Caroline and Alain Raynaud * 

Wendy Wilson and Peter Richardson * 

Sarah and David Robinson  ^

Julie Tsoi and Steve Rockhold * ^

Elena Baquero and Alexei Rodriguez  

Anne-Marie and Frank Romero * 

Tami and Marc Rosen  

Rachel and Clay Ross  ^

Janine Wulfsohn and Lee Rubin  

Mona Akerblom and William Rucklidge * 

Gloria Saavedra and Jesus Ruiz * 

William Schilit and Kerny McLaughlin * 

Alice and Ron Sage * 

Stephanie and Carl Schachter  ^

Cindy Holstrom and Mark Schultz * 

Priyadarshini Hegde and Kiran Kumar Shanbhog Laxminarayan * 

Janice and John Shapiro * ^

Patrick Shaughnessy * 

Claudine and James Sheridan * 

Joan Yee and Lawrence Shing  ^

Ru-Fang Yeh and Ting-Ruei Shiu * 

Yinkwan Chen and Anthony Shortland * ^

Aparna and Vivek Singhal * 

Hilary and Boyd Smith  

Lyn Swyryd-Smith and Michael Smith  ^

Trina Ward and Jon Sofield * 

Elena Ziskind and Leonid Solovyev  

Marie and Rich Sonnentag * ^

Hema and Partha Sriram * ^

Andrea Ho and Michael Stein  

Linda Roy and Robert Stoll * 

Tracy and Eric Stone * 

The Subramanian Family  ^

Jyothi and Ramu Sunkara  

Laura and Boris Teksler  

Siobhan Spencer and Jonathan Thatcher  

Lisa and Carl Theobald  

Chris and Bob Thome  

Deb and Jeff Tobin * 

Robin and Mike Tomasello  

Jing Li and Hue Truong  

Yuriko and Kenichi Tsunoda  

Dara and John Tynefield * 

Karla and Andre Valente * ^

Elryna Lawi and Jelle Van Geuns  

Julie and John Van Vooren  

Jackie Chang and Mark Verber  

Gilda Garreton and Luis Villablanca * 

Deborah and Philippe Vincent  

Emily and Dave Walther  ^

Xiaohua and Chengbo Wang * 

Yan Li and Daran Wang * 

Dongli Su and Yuewei Wang * 

Richard Withers * ^

Mei Ling Leung and Howard Wong-Toi * 

Sophie Verreault and Andy Woo  

Andrea Gray and David Woods  

Quan Zhou and Yingen Xiong * 

Polly Wong and Wai-Fan Yau * 

Jeanne Lee and Gerry Yen * 

Judy Tsai and Shili Yih  ^

Ellen Lee and Edward Yim * 

Leslie and Clay Young  

Lih-Huah Yiin and Chengpin Yu * 

Katrina Tsai and Vincent Yu * 

Angelique Champagne and Andrew Zaeske * 

Feng Zhou  ^

Haixin Xia and Jianfei Zhu * 


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