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Foundations & Service Organizations

Melvin and Geraldine Hoven Foundation

Kiwanis Club of Los Altos

Los Altos Community Foundation


Service Providers

We extend our sincere appreciation and recognition to those who have discounted their services or made in-kind donations:


Alain Pinel

i2i Interactive

KMVT 15 Silicon Valley Community Media

Los Altos Town Crier

Mountain View Voice

Prodigy Press

Salesforce Foundation


Westfresh Catering


Local Merchants

Armadillo Press

Helming's Auto Repair

Amici's New York Pizzeria



Community & Alumni

$1,000 to $4,999


Lisa and David Auerbach

Lisa and Rich Cornelius

Susan and Ken Greathouse

Judy Hannemann

Dede and Michael Huffman

Connie and Matthew Ives

Laura Roberts and Bob Jones

Susie and Neal Mielke

Page McDonald and Tim Millet

Bambi Cask and Steve Patterson

Karen and Jerry Rau

Judith Fan and Robert Reay

Wynne and Raymond Satterwhite

Theresa and James Tringali

Community & Alumni

Up to $999

Anonymous (3)

Judy and Jay Audett

Claudia Bado

Shirley Bailey

Debbie Bakker

Irena Stepanova and Seva Baykin

Amy and Kern Beare

Catherine Bitler

Kathleen and Serge Bonte

Anita Bora

Linda Lee and Victor Chow

Robyn Craven

Patty Einarson and Matt Cuson

Brendan Dilloughery

Renata Bermudez Donath

Bruce Dougherty

Marie and Eric Evitt

Sheila and Phil Faillace

Atreyee Ghosh

Margaret Golden

Sarah Good

Andrea Gorman

Sue and Kim Graham

Shobana and Yogesh Gubbi

Olivia and Daniel Haley

Kate and Jeff Harding

Patrice Horvath

Laurel and Robert Iverson

Sheri and Adam King

Jill and Richard Klein

Cindy and Daniel Kong

Stephanie and Derek MacLean

Pamela Foreman and Jim Miller

Erica and Joe Mitchner

Kelly Lind

Iris and Tom Moran

Debbie and Ken Munro

Rhonda and Michael Murray

Vanita and Sanjiv Natu

Susan and Bruce Norton

Marci Teresi and Dave Perrino

Kendal Sager

Elisabeth and Edward Sesek

Sheri and Phil Shemanski

Mildred and John Squire

Katherine and Andrew Stephens

Jeff Stricker

Sylvia and Theodore Tarbell

Debbie and Ray Torok

Adrienne and Neil Tuch

Judy Levy and Mason Uyeda

Fiona and Todd Walter

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