Leadership Circle
Principal Wynne Satterwhite with LAHS Leadership Circle Parents
Platinum $10,000 and Up


Roopa Ramaswamy and Sreeram Balakrishnan * 

Amy and Michael Galles  

Wendy and Steve Grant  

Melvin and Geraldine Hoven Foundation  

Svasti and Rob Patrawala  ^

Nilita and Vivek Paul * 

Jackie and David Radcliffe * 

Carina and Thomas Riordan * 

Diane Turriff and Bruce Telkamp  

Yoshi Nishimura and David Vadasz  

Tabitha Jordan and Adam Weissman  

Gold $5,000 - $9,999

Amrita Deshpande and Parag Bopardikar  ^

Laurie and Bill Brennan  ^

So Yong Park and Brian Byun  

Linda and Alan Cyron  ^

Esther John and Aart DeGeus  

Tara and Gaurav Dhillon  

Kris and Tony Espiritu  ^

Amy and Selim Freiha * 

Bing Hai and Tao Fu * 

Margaret and Ben Gong  

The Hofmann Family  ^

Debra Murelaga and Terrance Kloeckl * 

Rick Kramer

Cindy Labuda  ^  

Brigitte Van Breugel and Damian Lawlor * 

Katherine and Charlie Lilygren * ^

Crislene and Brian Lin  

Xuemei Zhang and Daxin Liu * 

Sahana and Kiron Magal * 

Kathy DeCoursey and Warren Meggitt * 

Frances and Rolf Mueller * ^

Lynn Fleming and Michael Pederson * 

Mary Ellen Coe and Ned Pfeiffer * 

Amanda Oakson and Randy Salim  

Elsina and Dan Silver * ^

Laurel and Kevin Smith  ^

Florina and Marius Tico * 

Stephanie and Andrew Towell  ^

Nina and Nicolas Vandeventer * ^

Linda and Philip Walters  

Yuan Liu and Jun Xu  

Linda Ren and John Yu  

Deborah Goldberg and Daniel Zimmermann  ^

*  Donation includes corporate matching funds .  

^ Families with graduating seniors who have donated 4 or more consecutive years.

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