Leadership Circle

What is the Leadership Circle?

The Leadership Circle is a group of our most generous and engaged families, community members, alumni, and alumni families whose annual financial support provides the cornerstone of the Mountain View Los Altos High School Foundation’s grant to fund vital academic programs.


Leadership Circle membership begins with a minimum annual contribution of $5000, which can be done through an outright gift, recurring gifts, or a donation matched by a corporate matching gift. 

Platinum $10,000 and Up

Roopa Ramaswamy and Sreeram Balakrishnan * 

Esther John and Aart DeGeus  

Wendy and Steve Grant  

Yvonne Valiquette and Donald Harrison

Melvin and Geraldine Hoven Foundation  

Rick Kramer  

Jane and Brian Tanabe * 

Yoshi Nishimura and David Vadasz ^

Gold $5,000 - $9,999


Angela Rumi and Eric Andrews  ^

Katie and Ronald Bodkin * 

Lorie and Thomas Boyd  

So Yong Park and Brian Byun  ^

Daisy and Peter Capetz * 

Ivy and Arthur Chang * ^

Amy Hsieh and Carty Chock  

Rebecca and Vivek Chopra  

Lesley and John Colgrove  

Linda and Alan Cyron  

Amy Stewart and Troy Detrick  

Aarthi Chary and Paul Eckburg

Jessica and Grant Erickson * 

Erica and Ron Gill  

Tammy and Dimitri Glazkov * 

Margaret and Ben Gong  

Namrata and Manish Gupta  

Chantal Audet and Tom Kaweski  ^

Debra Murelaga and Terrance Kloeckl * 

Anne Marie and Eric Knopf * 

Amy and David Kopp  

Debbie and Douglas Kundrat  ^

Michelle and Doo Ho Lee * ^

Yan Zhang and Liliqian Li  

Ann and Miles Libbey * 

Jennifer and David Lin  ^

Susan and Ulric Longyear * 

Yue Zhao and Tianchun Lou  ^

Lilly Yi and Peter Martin * 

Kirsten and Keith Mello  

Cheryl House and Peter Meyn * ^

Michal and Guy Miasnik  

Nancy and Anilkumar Pannikkat * ^

Hannah Lee and Ronald Park  

Svasti Patel-Patrawala and Rob Patrawala  

Rosa and Jay Peir  

Mary Ellen Coe and Ned Pfeiffer * 

Alina and Catalin Popescu * 

Susan and William Prescott * 

Sonali and Chidambaram Rammohan  

Amanda Oakson and Randy Salim

Hilary and Robert Schlossman  

Cora and Steven Schumann  

Kelly and Bruce Shimabukuro * 

Jennifer and William Stasior * 

Jill and Jack Symon * 

Diane Turriff and Bruce Telkamp  ^

Dara and John Tynefield * ^

Jennifer and Chris Urmson  

Linda and Philip Walters  ^

Andrea Gray and David Woods * ^

Lih-Huah Yiin and Chengpin Yu * ^

*  Donation includes corporate matching funds .  

^ Families with graduating seniors who have donated 4 or more consecutive years.

 Please forgive any errors or omissions. Send corrections to info@mvlafoundation.org

Thank You!